Allison’s Nocturne by Colin Farish

Allison’s Nocturne by Colin Farish

A beautiful new piece by Colin Farish commissioned for the New Nocturnes recording.

This is a modern and fresh set of interpretations of the Nocturne for piano, with influences of jazz, Romantic, flamenco and contemporary styles. Other pieces by Marcus Shelby, Rob Reich, Kirke Mechem and Veronika Krausas add to this beautiful collection.

Release date September 28 on CDbaby, Itunes and more…


By Allison Lovejoy

Pianist and Composer

One reply on “Allison’s Nocturne by Colin Farish”

Hi Allison,

Thanks, cannot wait to hear this.

Forgive me if I have asked this before of you, but do you take any piano students these days.  I would be interested in learning more if you do.

Thanks, very much,



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