Recordings available at Itunes:

ALLISON LOVEJOY< Piano Debut Album (1999)
Music by Ravel, Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninov and Bartok

A collection of Nocturnes by Chopin, John Field, Bizet, Liszt, Poulenc,
Debussy, Scriabin, Godowsky and others.

A collection of pieces from contemporary composers in the style of a Nocturne,
Inspired by jazz, classical and other styles. Works by Chus Alonso, Kirke Mechem, Marcus Shelby, Colin Farish, Doug Morton, Veronika Krausas and others.

NOCTURNES by George Rubissow (2016)
Intensely beautiful 20th Century “Nocturnes” by Ukraine/French LEGACY COMPOSER Georges Rubissow.


“Cabaret Nouveau” (2012) available at
Includes songs from “The 7 Deadly Pleasures”

2 replies on “Music”

I’m Zoli’s dad. We met at the fundraiser for your album. It was in San Francisco. At that time I got your CD “Nocturnes”. I enjoy it, and think of you playing when I listen to it. I would like to purchase the New Nocturnes CD. How do I do it?

Hi Tod,
I am so glad you could make the concert, and thank you for writing! I apologize for the delay in responding- I must have overlooked this notification!.
Please send me your address and I will mail you a copy, then you can send payment. sound good?
are you here for Zoli’s Tosca performance?
all best,

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