Hello world!


This has been quite a month..

Here are some updates on projects and upcoming shows!

This month I had the pleasure of recording New Nocturnes on the Fazioli Grand at Stillwater Sound Studios in Mill Valley.
With producer Candace Forest, I recorded 15 pieces by composers I have known from San Francisco, New York, Argentina, Los Angeles and elsewhere.
This beautiful music embraces jazz, classical and other styles of music.
Jason Martineau, Rob Reich, Veronika Krausas, Georges Rubissow, Michael Glenn Williams, Dino Saluzzi, Diane Rahbee and Colin Farish are represented by beautiful tonal landscapes… Many of these Nocturnes were commissioned for this recording.
There is also a Lovejoy Nocturne in the mix.

Please contribute to the Kickstarter Fund I’m starting this month..


The Killer Story is a fantastic Noir style play with music composed by Randy Craig. It’s at the Marsh Berkeley, and I’m playing the show every Friday and Saturday night beginning April 27th.
I’ll also play an opening cabaret set of originals every Saturday at 715, with special guests Mr Lucky, Zoltan diBartolo and Tom Jonesin on Fridays.

GREAT Stuff!

The Community Music Center Piano Faculty MArathon…
this Sunday, April 28.. 3 pm

Music of Eastern Europe.. 544 Capp St, San Francisco
I’ll be playing one of my favorite Liszt piano works on this concert!

AND, this FRIDAY night!!
The Rite Spot! 17th st at Folsom 9-12 pm FREE!

I’ll play piano solo, both Classical and early Jazz and Ragtime, with some original cabaret later in the evening.

By Allison Lovejoy

Pianist and Composer

2 replies on “Hello world!”

Enjoyed your show tonight at the Marsh.
Finding your musical cabaret was a pleasant surprise addition to the “killer story.,”.Appreciated your repertoire.

Dear Allison:
I very much enjoyed your “performance” (pianism and pleasantness), at the
Zellerbach Gardens, yesterday.
Since this website begins “Posted on February 17, 2011”, I’m not certain this
message will be received or seen by you…
In the event it is, kindly reply; you may be pleasantly rewarded. Thank you.

Bye: Arthur Stopes, III.
Legislative Analyst and Writer (L.A.W.)
Director, Center for Unalienable Rights Education (C.U.R.E.)
Berkeley, California state.

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